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Welcome to the site Mathias!
Welcome to Connecting bikers Mathias!
Mathias B Schmitt is now a member of Connecting Bikers | Social Bikers Network | Biker & Motorcycle
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Jim Teraci posted a photo
Mar 10
  • Ed Me too Jim
    Mar 10
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Feb 8
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Jan 27
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Jan 13
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Jan 8
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We are officially a Charitable Organization! 
Jan 6
  • Jim Teraci Every two minutes killing themselves wow didn't know that. That's pretty bad
    Jan 8
  • Ed Congratulations nice to see someone is doing something about it. Many people in this country is so worry about helping illegal immigrants when we should be helping our own people first like the veterans or homeless people. I heard many stories for y…
    Jan 8
  • Wretched Few Thanks bro! Everything amazing once was just a thought. We are on our way 
    Jan 8
  • Wretched Few Thanks bro. Our Vets and First Responders are killing themselves EVERY TWO MINUTES. 
    We are here to change that  
    Jan 8
  • Daniel Sousa Congratulations it's nice you guys have an organization just for the veterans.
    Jan 8
  • Jim Teraci Congratulations!
    Jan 7
Jim Teraci posted a photo
Jan 1

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It is with great sadness to announce the passing of our beloved Ady.

We will forever remember and miss his beautiful heart, his kind spirit, and the multitude of authentic and admirable character traits of Ady's.

Those who knew Ady personally, are cognizant of the fact that a handful of individuals, who did not know Ady on a personal level, have manufactured inaccurate, grossly negligent, embellished, untruthful and malicious descriptions of Ady and his character.


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